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Who do we work with and best serve ...........?

At Potentialise Business Advisory we  work primarily with business owners who have an established professional, technical or trade service  based business turning over $1M - $10M per annum.

Our clients have generally already achieved a measure of business success, but know with the right help and advice they can significantly improve their business.

Our clients industries include: Professional Services, Retail Stores, Trade Services, Equipment Hire, Field Services, IT Specialists and more.

Our Clients

Our faced-paced, on-line "crash course" in cashflow management, Visible Cashflow, is designed  to help you get control fast and improve your business cashflow in as little as 7 days.

The Winners POST is 12-week program to help you accelerate business growth through the power of digital marketing platforms. The program is delivered via interactive, weekly on-line sessions to help you build your digital platform and get more customers fast.

The Potentialised Business is our flagship business mentoring program  designed to help you discover your true business potential by building the business of your dreams that provides greater income and time freedom while demanding less of your day to day input. This 12 month program focuses on implementing the core 4P philosophy and platform to "potentialise"  your business.

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At Potentialise Business Advisory we help owners of service-based businesses achieve their full business potential. 

Our approach is simple.
Through our coaching and programs we focus on removing the key issues that hold back business growth and success. We enable business owners to simplify, scale and succeed by focusing on 4 critical areas and implementing simple tools and structures to fuel business growth.

We also deliver programs focused on specific needs including, digital marketing growth and cashflow management to help you get on track and stay on track.

These are the 4 key areas that make every successful business tick.
By simplifying business to these components we help business owners remove complexity.
We apply a consistent framework, cutting-edge strategies and easily implemented tools
​​​​​​​to build a business that creates freedom and works for you.



Our Approach Is Simple

We work with you using the 4P Model to help build The Potentialised Business
A business that's simplified, scaleable and saleable



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potentialise (VERB) - 'to unleash one's full potential​​​​'

Joel Hayward

Principal Advisor

Founder and Principal Advisor, Joel Hayward, has served the needs of business owners for over 25 years in the areas of Management Accounting, Administration, Financial and Systems Analysis and Control, Business Development and Marketing, Sales and Account Management, Financial Planning and Specialist Business Risk  and Succession Advice.

Joel is well equipped with the requisite experience, skills and knowledge to provide a broad-based advisory service to the small business and professional sector.

Introducing, Potentialise Business Advisory.
We are part a new breed of advisor and coach to business owners and professionals. We work across a range of business and professional disciplines to provide integrated, intelligent, and focused solutions for your business needs.​

Our Mission
​Our mission is to empower small business owners to succeed and realise their best potential by offering strategic, timely and innovative business advisory and coaching services.

Our Goal
Again, it's simple.

​​​​​​​Our goal..... is to help YOU reach YOURS!


We can also tailor 1 on 1 programs to help you build a better business.
These include:

Business Coaching, Consulting, Advice

Strategy Development &  Business Planning
​​​​​​​Team Development

Cashflow Management

Business Improvement

Business Platform & Systems

Succession Planning

Business & Financial Services

 We'll guide you each step of the way.​​​​​​​ 

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